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Forged Stiletto Customers' View

Date: 20 August 2007
From: jim d,
Subject: Due Buoi has hit a grand slam with this knife
Comment: The attractive streaked dark horn is so perfectly flush with the bolsters that I can't feel the point where scale meets bolster on any of the 4 bolster scale interfaces. Likewise with the 4 brass pins. [...] The pins through the bolsters are also so flush that they can't be felt. In fact, they can barely be seen.
Given the price (~$190), I had somewhat high expectations, but my expectations were exceeded. Due Buoi has hit a grand slam with this knife in my opinion.
Although it looks like the Italian stiletto that it is, it has a feel unlike any other. Something new, different, and nice.

Date: 11 August 2007
From: Auto Matt X
Subject: The best Italian I've ever had
Comment: I got mine today too, and it's the best new Italian I've ever had. [...] The best switchblade to come out of Italy since the 50's. It's a heavy, super well built, awesome knife.
I haven't enjoyed a switchblade this much in a long time.
Date: 3 August 2007
From: Milu
Subject: This makes regular stilettos look like tourist trash
Comment: It simply makes all regular production stilettos I'm familiar with seem like tourist trash.

Date: 1 August 2007
From: chopsueyluey
Subject: A fine piece of craftmanship
Comment: The heft and girth are substantial yet not the least bit overbearing. It would be like saying a Mercedes Sedan is too heavy. It takes some weight to produce such a fine piece of craftmanship. Arthas should be pleased and commended for bringing this to fruition.
Date: 27 July 2007
From: wicollector
Subject: You won't find anything better for the money
Comment: If you like stiletto style knives you wont find anything better for the money
Date: 25 July 2007
From: natcherly
Subject: A tank
Comment: This thing is a TANK. The one piece forged liner/bolster is a real indication of quality. It is not cheap to do this. The flush pins are another high-end, custom feature.

Date: 12 July 2007
From: Matt (Grim)
Subject: Solid: built like a brick
Comment: The knife was solid, built like a brick, beautiful dark horn scales strong snap, blade sporting a hell of an edge passed the wrist shave.

Date: 6 July 2007
From: Tom Romeo "tr4252"
Subject: Scales are perfectly aligned with bolsters
Comment: I first joined TalkBlade that I'd probably have to get into custom knives if I really hated the fact that the scales on most stick up higher than the bolsters. This one is more the way I always thought a knife should be in that respect

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